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BOB percussion duo

BOB Percussion Duo consists of the drummers Henrik Ståhlberg and Fredrik Österberg. They met each other at Royal College of Music, Stockholm Sweden and had played together with many Swedish artists, orchestras and groups ever since. In BOB they play their expressive, groove based music with no limits! You can’t just listen to BOB - you have to see them live!

You can read more about Henrik and Fredrik on their homepages.


Oct 2004

Fasching Stockholm Sweden “Bass’n drum Stockholm 2004”

Two days of bass and drums at Fasching, Stockholm’s main jazz club. Great players like Mylious Jonson supported by Laurence Cottle and the Swedish super drummer Morgan Ågren showed their right halt.

Here’s what was written about BOB: “Since Wolfgang Haffner sadly ended up at hospital, BOB Percussion duo had to show up in a short time notice they ended up being one of the main attractions. Superb!!!”

Read more: www.ebs.bass.se/bndd/index-eng.html

Oct 2004

Nalen Stockholm Sweden Days of Percussion V

PAS Sweden held “Days of Percussion” in Stockholm for the fifth time. On Saturday evening there was a great concert with many wonderful groups and artists for example Terri Lyne Carrington, Emil Richards and Global Percussion Network.

Read more: www.pas.org/chapters/sweden

Sept 2004

SAMI Stockholm Sweden Rehearsal week

This week, BOB had an extraordinary opportunity to practice and recording at SAMI (Swedish Artists' and Musicians' Interest Organization), a wonderful place in the heart of Stockholm. A lot of work was done there!


Short history before fall 2004:

BOB has played at numerous places in Sweden. Openings of events, clubs, discotheques, anniversaries, percussion festivals and company parties have all been parts of our work.





BOB percussion duo






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